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Proud Parent
Mar 25, 2022
The amount of injuries your child is getting could very well be in direct proportion to the overwhelming number of hours...34 hours training is almost double what the level 10s in my daughter's gym do, and they do great at nationals (and have even produced a world vault champion). I know you say it is common in your area to do that many hours, I believe your daughter's body is saying that it is too much.
Good point. Another issue is that not all hours are equal. I'm sure there are gyms where 34 hours would work due to standing around, breaks, lots of listening to the coach talk, or waiting for a turn in a large training group. Other gyms, it's going to be nearly constant training -- that' going to be tough on a body that's not being... chemically supplemented.
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Proud Parent
May 25, 2012
I have to agree and say that training 34 hours a week is a HUGE factor contributing to injuries. Not sure what your options are if that’s the norm near you though. Unless she’s training for the Olympics, that seems excessive.

Our girls all dropped hours about a year or so ago after injuries went up a bit in the gym. our upper level (8-10) girls mostly have dropped back to 20 hours now, and are better than ever. The only girls doing 25 are our homeschool group of 8-10s. 1.5 years ago we had several training groups doing 30 hours over the summer, and thankfully our head coach realized it wasn’t helpful.