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Dec 29, 2015
Things can certainly change in the course of a month.

To recap — dd, level 8, 9th grade, chronic leg stress fractures the past two season, sudden unplanned departure from old gym due to verbal abuse issues a month ago. She also nasty-sprained her ankle her last day at old gym. With the constant injuries and no plan in place when we left the old gym, we thought gym was over and she was heartbroken.

The day we left I assumed there as no way to take her anywhere else, since she had a fresh ankle sprain so there would be no way to even try out. And we were a month before state. But a friend talked me into calling Texas Dreams, to see if there was a way she could continue with some kind of gymnastics at some level, at least through the end of the school year. They put her on their afternoon 8/9 team without a try out, letting her do what she could while rehabbing the ankle.

It has been a month. She is still devestated losing her previous teammates. But she is enjoying TD. Her bars has improved. Her dance has improved. And best of all, they actually respect her injury limitations. She has not needed pain meds once all month, whereas she was on daily pain meds before just yo get through practice.

TD has a different philosophy on training and conditioning. The coaches keep telling her conditioning should not break you. They do everything to minimize impact numbers. (Her stress fractures are from too much impact and old gym refused to allow her to minimize impact.). It might even buy dd some longevity in the sport. Who knows. But for now, she is still training, even uptraining level 9 bars release, which she is loving. And she might even have a choice of staying in the sport if she wants.

I know that everything is honeymoon stage when you start at a new gym. But I’m glad dd has a chance to make the next decision on her own rather than being forced out of her sport because we refused to accept abusive coaching in silence.
Thank you for updating about your daughter! I am so glad she still had hope , it is very inspiring to hear how so many things seem to be changing for her for the better! Good luck it sounds like this program will work out well for her. :)
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I am so happy for you and your dd! So happy she found a place that accepts her for who she is. Stress fractures in legs are nothing to play around with. For a gym to refuse to let your dd minimize impact is practically abuse right there. Even if she repeats level 8, I bet she has a better season next year than this past year.
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