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Well, the excitement is building, we got our list of qualifiers tonight!!!

Bean's gym is competing at,

Georgetown Dec 4-6

St Catherines Jan 22-24

and Niagara Falls Feb 5-7

if qualified,

Ontario Cup, Mar 26-28

if top 24 there,

Provincial Championships Apr 23-25

If top 4 there, Easterns TBD!

Any other Ontario moms on the board know where you're competing??
We should find out tomorrow! No practice on Wed night! Good luck to Bean this upcoming season!
Wow, love that you get a lot of notice one when/where your meets will be! Good Luck!
Can't wait to see Bean this season! Good luck to her all season long!
Thank you all for the good luck! I forgot to add one fun competition! Bean will be competing in Arizona during our March break, along with some of her team mates. I don't know the name of the gym hosting the meet, but she'll be training at the Desert Devils during that week.

I'm SO excited for meet season!!!
Exciting schedule for Bean - she will do great! Can't wait for the seasons to start so we get some videos.... :p
Ugh! I know how you feel jfish! "The" question is right! Bean has been training with a goal of level 9. As of 2 weeks ago or so, she became resigned to the fact that it didn't look possible. Then last night at our team meeting, the HC made reference to levels being determined in 2 weeks, and that 2 girls were *right* on the cusp of being ready for a different level than they'd thought. Since we know the levels of 3 girls for sure, we know she was talking about Bean and one other.

The anticipation is killing me!! I'll be happy either way, I just hate not knowing!

I'll let you know when we find out;)
Good luck to Bean this year. Looking forward to seeing video of her :)
We got "Corky's" qualifier schedule tonight!
Nov 27-29 Burlington
Dec 15-17 Oshawa
Feb 19-21 Oshawa

Of course we then follow the same Ontario Cup if qualified and Provincial Championships if qualified.

Still not sure which level Corky will compete. She has been training for 6 but her backwards fear is quite intense right now. Stayed an extra hour tonight to work tumbling robhs. She also needs a flyaway still for 6. Currently working on a front flyaway again due to the backwards fear.

Good luck to everyone in the upcoming season!
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