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My name is Carrie. I am mom to Anna 4.5 and Gabbi 3.3. I have always loved watching gymnastics, and always wanted to do it. But my mom would never allow us to do anything.

We are just entering the world of gymnastics. This site has already been very helpful to me! Apparently I have encounted a not so good gym, so my girls gym careers will be on hold for a week or so till I can get another gym found for them. I look forward to meeting more people and learning all I can!


Welcome Carrie :) I'm sure you will find the right gym for your girls.


Welcome to CB Carrie. I have 8 year old daughters Leah and Alexis, who are level 6. and a 3 year old daughter, Hannah, who is currently in a pre-school class. Good luck with the gym search
Not open for further replies.