OT Optional and Team Leo And Colors

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Oct 6, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA
I love our leotard... it's the same design as the one Shawn Johnson has on below (it always makes me feel a little more confident knowing that she has the same thing somewhere in her closet! XD):


The blue part is red, and the orange is actually gold. The gold sleeve has little rhinestones all over it. Lemme see if I can find a picture of me wearing it;


So that's it. The optionals' leotards are different; they're just red with alot of rhinestones. :p
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Our team will all have the same leos for the upcoming season. Personally, I like that idea. Sure, there's no leotard reward for moving up, but I think the team looks good together. They are going to be black and a sparkly orange. Lucky for me, they're going to be cheap too! :p I will post a picture as soon as we get them in....or when I find it online(which will be a long time, since I can't remember what brand we picked!)
DD's gym colors are hot pink and black. Each level used to have a different style of leotard, but this year the coaches decided that everyone will wear the same style. They are Alpha Factor leos that are black on the bottom and pink from the bustline up, including the sleeves. Square neckline in front and back and the back has criss-cross straps. The bust area has lots of crystals and there are crystals down the arms. The girls just LOVE them and they look great on all of them. I saw the same leo on a college team this season, but their leos were all black.

There is a team near us that has turquoise, lime green and black leos. The colors sound weird together, but they are beautiful!

I love checking out the leos at meets. Can't wait to see the new styles this season.
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