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Oct 24, 2008
Ok so every year, during the month of December my gym has this charity opitional meet. We have this meet around Chirstmas because it is the season of giving, and my gym likes to give to the kids that do not get the toys that we had when we were yonger. ( I am so happy to be in level 8 this year because this meet is only for people in level 8. YAY). And so the people that come to the meet don't have to pay to see us they just have to bring a toy to donate. At the optional meet the children that will be getting the toys will be our special guests. Usually when we have this we have about somewhere between 200- 300 people come, (and that is a really good turn out, to just see gymnasts from a small gym compete). So as you can already tell this is a meet unlike any other, but for our music we can have words in it!! I am so excited. Its like your bending the rules. Plus there are no judges!! So now if we mess up on something, judges will not be there to say how badly we messed up. lol.

An for this specific meet we have prformences, which is us. That means that the routines have several people in it. So now I will tell you what songs we use and the people preforming in it.

The Ting Tings- Shut Up and Let me Go~ Just me
Kelly Clarkson-Miss Independent~ Sara
Nelly Furtado- Say It Right~ Melissa
Nelly Furtado- Do It~ Alex
Demi Lovato- Get Back~ Sarah
Hannah Montana- Nobody's Perfect~ Lindsey
Hannah Montana- Life's What You Make It~ Emily
Miley Cyrus- Fly on the Wall~ Grace
Miley Cyrus- See You Again (remix)~ Alexis
Mirana Cossgrove- About You Now~ Jordan
Hannah Montana- Rockstar~ Me
Finally Song
Hannah Montana- We Got the Part~ Everyone (including the little kids this meet is for. ps. this is just a little dance that is un-rehearsed)

Ok well thank you for reading this SUPER long thread! :)
Wish me luck. ( I say that a lot. lol)

Byee :)

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