For Parents Other Stuff from the weekend (semi-rantish maybe kinda)

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Midget's Dad

So besides the meet being so awesome a few other things happened this weekend that were kinda blah.

When we got there to cheer on the L4s one of the parents let us know that the main team coach had been fired. This is the coach that Midget took the majority of her privates with and she loves her. We love the HC/Owner too and her other privates have been with her but still this is pretty tough. No clue about the particulars that led to it and we may never know.

We haven't told Midget yet.

The L2 parents just got on my nerves. So negative about everything. They didn't realize it was expensive. They had no idea they would have to drive to these meets. Blah blah blah. DW pointed out that all of it was spelled out during the team meeting but they just kept on. Loudly. Just wasn't necessary.

One of the other parents on the L3 team got all upset because their DD was not put in the same age group as Midget. Now honestly this was good for her, she ended up first in AA because of it. But we think, knowing them, that it was because they offered her a reward for beating Midget. I like them but oh so competitive. Bothered me a bit.

And there was an attempt to recruit Midget by another local gym. Lots of promises. Who knows. Hope my mentioning it doesn't bite me in the rear. <looks around nervously>
Feb 26, 2007
Ha funny about the attempt at recruitment. Totally, totally against all good gym coaching etiquette.

Too bad about the coach being fired, but iguess there have to be reasons. Just make sure Bella knows before she hits the gym or a course full of tears could be ugly.

Lastly, gymnastics is full of whacked out parents. Sometimes I am so happy that I am the only English parent at our club, as it means I can act like I don't understand when parents get gnarly. Though I think most people just choose not to listen at these parents meetings and they scertainly do not read the info that coaches give them. Very irritating when you are the kind of person who absorbs all the info.


I loved the video from her meet - wow look at those scores! great job Bella!

I hate to say that with some parents it never gets any better - just try to distance yourself from them.

sorry to hear about HC being fired - now what??


Would the one coach being let go make you more inclined to leave? And I agree--make sure she knows about the HC BEFORE she goes to practice.

Some parents just like to complain I think. If they hate it that much, they won't be around long! And seriously--bribes for beating teammates in scoring? Do people do that all the time? Seems so against any concept of working as a team!
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