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ok so i have been hurt a ton this past year. and i never see a day when im not in pain... i think that that is sorta normal for gymnasts tho. Recently i fractured the growth plate in my right hip. i went back to practice and now my left I.T. band hurts really bad. could this be because i am compensating by overusing the other leg? also my right ankle hurts alot. Could this also be overuse of this ankle to compensate for the hip. or do you think i tweaked something...again?
thank you!


This would be a good question for a kinesiologist. Get thee to one and they will help ye re-align thine bones. We take Elizabeth for semi-regular treatments, it helps alot.

Kinesiology is becoming commonplace in sports medicine. I wish I kind find some articles to link on the topic, but I can't find any right now.
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