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Aug 3, 2008
So I pulled my groin tonight at practice. It's annoying... but it could be worse. Over the summer I pulled it REALLY bad, just doing splits I think I pulled it a little then I kicked into a handstand and I am pretty sure I tore it at that point. It was awful.

This is just an annoying pull and didn't feel like sudden death, and I was able to still work out on it after it happened, I'm not actually sure when I did it.

On the plus side my handsprings over the block mat were awesome today! I was FLYING on them. Even with a hurt groin, thankfully that's not a muscle used a lot in this drill!

I'm thinking it should be better by next week.

Daily ice is definitely in the plan! I'm just glad it's not as bad as last time... I could barely get out of my car, or the bathtub it hurt soooo bad to make those motions.

So it's already feeling mostly better. I've been sick, and out of work for the better part of the past 2 days so it got a LOT of rest. I bet that helped.
I did one of those 'ripping' groin pulls a couple years ago and I really feel for you. It prevented me from sprinting, doing straddle things like press handstand, even carthwheels. I find that people who pull groins typically pull them over and over. Switch side leaps almost inevitably lead to a groin pull for me, so I avoid those. I do extra stretching for my groin before practice, and do inner thigh work w/ inner thigh machine at the gym and resistance bands at home. Once it's pain free, see if you can strengthen the area it will probably help prevent future injuries! Also, go on your back in a straddle in the air w/ your legs, and have a partner gently resist as you bring your legs together. It's important to strengthen in that wide range we gymnasts use our muscles! good luck.
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