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Well, our Level 5 season is officially over. DD had her sectional meet on Saturday. Started out okay, got an 8.3 on floor, an 8.0 on vault, an 8.625 on bars (season best for her). Then came beam. She only needed an 8.075. No problem, this is her event. Well, not today. :( She fell on her cartwheel, without completing the skill, got a 1.3 deduction for the loss of skill and the fall. She also didn't get 100% vertical on her handstand. Scored a 7.525. She was devastated. The poor kid. My heart just broke for her. I'm tearing up even now, thinking about it. She broke down a few times about it over the weekend. She realized later that she forgot that she was allowed to get back up on beam and try to do the skill again. That would've given her the points she needed. I told her not to let that get her down. There's nothing she can do about it now. She's only 7 years old. I told her how proud I was of her for just getting out there and doing what she did. One of her other teammates didn't qualify either so the 2 of them will be cheering on her teammates next weekend at the state meet.

Thanks for listening.
OHHH! I feel for your dd! Sorry she did not do as well as she wanted to, but she still had some very respectable scores! I think 7 years old is pretty young to keep your head about you after a fall on beam, it is SO understandable that she forgot to re-do her skill. Mine has done that before, and she was much older at L5 than yours is now! Your dd has a lot to be proud of, doing so well at such a young age. Hopefully in time she will feel better and feel a sense of 'job well done', b/c that's what she did-a great job! :)
I feel so sad for your DD:(! That must have been so stressful for her. I can totally understand that she forgot she could try the skill again. But she has learned a lot this season & much to be proud of!!! Good job on a fine season:)!!! Now she can have fun learning some new stuff this summer!!!
Aw poor little girl, that is such a tough experience. It is so hard for a little one to get the finer points of judging.

Hopefully she will be able to look back and be proud of her great season, she is such a talented little one with a long way to go in the sport.
(((((((((hugs))))))))))))) I don't know what to say - my heart is broken for her. She has many great seasons ahead fo her
Poor Girl! Hugs to her! I agree that next year she will learn from this and grow as a person and gymnast!
Hugs to both of you. We certainly know the disappointment of having a season end too soon. Did her coach not tell her to repeat the cartwheel or did she jump back on the beam too fast and the coach never had a chance to tell her? That happens alot with the younger ones.

Very tough lesson to learn at a sectional meet(check with coach before getting back on beam!), but one she'll never forget. Sounds like a great kid going to watch and cheer for her teammates at states. She should be(and so should you) very proud with all she has done at the ripe old age of 7!!!

Tell her after next weekend, it'll be the start of a new season already!!!
What a tough meet for her. I got sad just reading it, but so proud of her other scores for such a young level 5. Way to go with her personal best on bars.

Those beam falls are tough, they can get to even the most seasoned competitor, especially when beam is usually their event and they don't fall ever, it is almost like they are completely shocked that they fell. :( I agree that this will definitely make her stronger and she probably will remember to repeat the skill if she ever falls again on beam or something else. There is good to be taken from every meet, though it might not seem so at the time.

What great teammates to go and cheer on their friends at the State meet. Hugs to both of you guys. She has done great this season and is an awesome little gymnast!
Those could have, should have, would have can be a real killer!

Still, good scores and a personal best! That's something to celebrate right there!
OK, when I posted "our season is over" back in Dec it was because DD broke her foot, so I *AM* glad that your DD didn't break anything because that is sure what I was thinking going into this post!

So sorry about the beam, but WOW for everything else! What did you need to qualify for States? In NJ it is only a 32 and your DD would have easily had that here. Please tell her what an awesome job she did and going out there and getting those scores at such a young age doing L5 is a HUGE accomplishment! My DD could have never done it. As it is now we are on pins and needles wondering if the season will offically be changed to L5 compete in Fall cause she is so NOT ready yet to compete even for Sept unless it was in my living room, LOL

Congrats on the season bests, and tell her next season she will knock them all off the podium!
I feel for your daughter to be so close to making it to states and she is so young. We went through not qualifying for states last year as a level 4. It is so tough for them to not qualify and their other teammates to qualify. But I do think the experience made my daughter tougher and did teach her that you can't give up and that you have keep persisting in this sport. My daughter repeated level 4 this year so she will be competing 5 next year and I will be so nervous for sectionals to have to get a qualifying score based on just 1 meet really stinks. Hang in there.
Bummer, poor thing - I can totally relate to how you are feeling. I felt the same way when dd didn't qualify to Regionals - difference is she is basically the only one who didn't. It took a day or 2, but she's past it now and is having fun working upgrades. In 2 weeks Regionals will be over and then everyone will be in the same position.

Remember, these are character building moments!!! ;)
Thank you all for your kind words. She's okay about it now. She's excited to be working on some level 6 skills before anyone else is! She and the other girl that didn't qualify were on the beam last night, apart from her part of the team, working on the Level 6 dismount and the full turn. So, this may be a blessing in disguise!

Blackie ~ In PA you need to get a 33 at sectionals to go to states. It is a bummer. She thought it was a 33 at any meet during the season, which only brought her to tears, of course. But, like I said, she's okay with it now. I know it will be difficult for her to sit there and watch her team but she's excited about it, too. She and the other girl are going to make a big poster with the gym name and all the girls names on it.

gymlawmom ~ She said she just forgot to do it again. Her coach was standing right there, I don't know if she said anything to her or not. I'm not sure if they're allowed to. Knowing her coach, she just let her go on, as a learning experience to not screw up again! That's terrible to say but it's probably true. She's not the most compationate coach.

I think everyone is right, this is just going to make her a stronger person and a well rounded gymnast.

Thanks again everyone! :)
Sorry to hear that. Kayla missed qualifying for states by a quarter of a point with 2 meets left in season so her coach didn't ask for the point on her score. But next meet she was sick (she competed but looked like a rag doll on floor and fell on beam). Then she had her best meet ever on last meet but it was a low scoring meet.

Your DD has come a long way in a short time just like mine. Glad she'll go to states. Kayla wished she was competing when she went but she had a really great time cheering on her friends. Then during awards she sat on the floor with her teammates.

She still had a great time and all was forgotten after states.

Thanks Sue! I'm glad Kayla was there to cheer her team on. I think it will help Olivia, too. She was so close. What can you do? She's just happy she's learning new skills which is always fun for them.

Good luck with your Level 5 season! I'm assuming they're all moving up. Are they?
Oh poor kid! Glad she had good scores on her other events--sounds like she did really well for the most part!
Ugh! I feel so bad for her. We don't do sectionals here (OH), we just have to hit the score during the season. I'm proud of your dd for looking on the bright side - getting to train L6 earlier than the others is a wonderful way to look at it. And WAY TO GO on the personal best score also!
One of the team moms told me that her dd told her that the one coach sat them down and explained to them that just because my dd and the other girl didn't make it to states doesn't mean they won't be very good Level 6 just means that the sectionals meet didn't go their's just one day. I think that was so great of her to say that. And, my dd and her other teammate got started on a bunch of Level 6 beam skills while the other girls were working on the Level 5 routines. The 2 of them are going to get together this weekend to make a huge poster with all the girls names on it so they can take it with them to States next weekend. :D
Oh, so close. Sorry! We had the exact same situation a few weeks ago. DD needed an 8.5 on floor to qualify for regionals. So sure she would make it, she rocks on floor, but this day she came up short with an 8.3. Just keep telling her, NEXT YEAR!!!

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