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Sep 4, 2008
Dallas, TX
Just wanted to share: DD had her level 6 state Saturday... She got 4th AA (37.8) in the gold division. 1st on floor with 9.6, 6th on Beam (9.45), vault (9.375), and 4th on bars (9.375). Not her best meet... she just seemed to have an off day. During the awards she was so sad. I felt so bad for her(I have never seen her that way). Good note: Today is a much better day! and the bright side is we do not have to listen to the level 6 music anymore.. :) off to Level 7 starting in December. I will post her youtube video soon.
WOW - those scores are incredible. She has NOTHING to be upset about. If those scores were not her best she is an AMAZING gymnast. I cannot wait to see the video !!!

Tell her WoooHooo and Goodbye L6 :wave:
Holy moly, those are some amazing scores, her routines must've been beautiful.

Congratulations on making it to optionals, do you know how few girls even make it that far? Quite the acheivment!
Cannot wait to see video! Those are awesome scores...she must be very talented!:) Congrats to her, and exciting!
Gosh if that is an off meet for her I can't imagine how well she does when she is on. Congrats to her on a great state meet and some seriously awesome scores !!!
Sorry she was sad! We'd be THRILLED w/ a 37 AA at L6! AND she's the State Floor Champ! I'm thinkin' it's time for a party....

And Bog is right, she's made it to optionals, and not many do.

But when your dd is sad, it hurts you too. So, I do hope she feels better about it all, soon! HUGS! :)
Can't wait to see the video! Her scores are amazing!!!! She has much to be proud of! Look at that AA score.... 37.8:eye-popping: all I can say is WOW! Congratulations to DD!!! Now have fun picking out level 7 floor music!!!:D
Great job to your DD... I know how tough that must be. You are in such a competitive state, and the scores can be up there. Your gymmie is so beautiful and will rock the socks off of L7.

Really looking forward to her routines!
All I can say is WOW!~ My dd stuggles on bars. (l6) I am so impress with what a great all around she has.
Those are some awesome scores and way to go on floor, that really is a tough age group she is in! Cant wait to see her new routines - does she have her choreography yet ?
OMG! Those were awesome scores and nothing to be sad about. I am sure thoughts of level 7 (and picking her own floor music & routines) will be a HUGE pick-me-up! Good luck in level 7
yes she does have her level 7 routines.. she actually got them a couple of months ago.. She did not practice them a whole lot before now. She will have to work hard within the next month to get ready for optional season. :)

thanks for all the kind words!
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