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All dd2'll say is that she just wants to be done. So, we're done. We're taking the money we'd have spent on gym travel and going to DisneyWorld. Sure beats a weekend in Milwaukee in February as a vacation destination.

Here's the part none of you are going to believe: I don't miss it. I thought I would, but I don't.

I like having money.

I like watching the kids do things just for the fun of it. Dd1 took a tumbling class. No pressure, no travel. She and the former teammate in the class laugh in the gym. Oh, and last night dd1 landed a double back. Yeah baby! You parents of compulsories might not get this as everything is still new and exciting for your girls, but once they're optionals, the tone changes. The sport gets more serious, the athletes get more focused, there's more push to win.

And I'm glad dd2 is out before she has any pain. Dd1 suffers horribly with bad knees. I thought they would get better when the 4 hours of daily pounding stopped. (She's still active, but doesn't do anything that pounds them like the vault did--and she doesn't go 4 hours straight of anything any more.) We've talked here about how playing with pain is just part of the sport. Landing those tsuks hurts, even if you do it right. Looking back, I sometimes wish I hadn't allowed dd1 to continue after the fall that hurt her knees. More time for healing might have made a long-term difference. Water under the bridge I guess, but hindsight tells me that "getting to the next level" and "not loosing skills" is not all that important.

Anyway, I think the girls might stay in the gym in the rec tumbling classes and as coaches (dd1 is currently assisting with the preschool classes), but our heavy involvement is done. I might pop in from time to time, but I'm sure it'll become less and less frequent until I finally fade into oblivion.
Glad to see you're all doing well. I think your post puts gymnastics into perspective. I think the whole climate/culture of the gym is easy to get caught up in. It is still Just a sport. I support my daughter in gymnastics until she is ready to move on to other things. I've made it clear to her that it is HER choice not mine. If she decides she's done, like you I'll support her in that choice. I never want to be one of those parents that pushes my child to get a scholarship or become an elite. I that is what she chooses and is healthy then fine. If not healthy (and I have very good friends in orthopedics and physiatry) we'll be done.

Again, good for y'all!

Sue Z
That is great news, I am so glad you are all happy and moving on well. I can see myself being on the same path in the not too distant future, hopefully it will be a smooth transition to normal life for us too.

It is good for us all to realize that this marathon can end at any minute if we let our kids make the choice when to quit when they are ready.

I think in our case it will be the injury that will make DD stop, but the outcome is the same.
Have fun at Disney! Enjoy this time; there is so much you and your family can do now. Get involved in other sports. Have your girls try track and field, swimming or diving, and maybe cheerleading so you can go to all kinds of sporting events and enjoy the great outdoors. Take up running yourself and maybe the whole family can do a 5K race together. Go shopping at the mall in the middle of the week just for the heck of it. Smile at your dd as she hangs out with her friends laughing at a video or whatever on what normally would be a practice night. Not only that, but you'll learn to love other sports and activities and meet new friends too. Sounds like you are truly enjoying whatever life throws at you.
Glad your family is doing so well and that everyone is happy. I agree with Cascade I am smiling too.:) I hope you dont fade out too fast though.
Aswell as everyone else, I'm glad that you are enjoying your free time and mostly the money:p;). Good luck to your DD's as they find another sport. Oh! and have a great time in Disney:D
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