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Hello, everyone! I'm the Mom of a dd, 9, who has literally been bouncing since birth and is now a level 6/7 gymnast at an Ohio gym. (The plan is that she'll compete one 6 meet this fall, then move on to 7.) She'll also be travelling to Houston next month for TOPs, which she's excited about. She can't get enough gymnastics! Besides my gymmie, I'm also blessed with 2 other dds, one who is 12 and one who is 3, and a ds who is 7. My husband (you might know him here as Iggy :)) and I are busy playing as a family and keeping up with our kids' activities, which include homeschooling!

I look forward to actually posting now instead of simply lurking, which I've been doing for a couple months now. Thanks for being a good source of advice, information, and support! :)


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Hi and welcome to CB. So glad you decided to venture out of lurkdom and join us around the CB!
Iggy has had some great advice, I'm sure you will too. It sounds as if you have a very talented gymmie on your hands. I'll bet she has a blast in Houston.
My DD is also 9 and been climbing and swinging since before she could walk. She will be competing level 4 this season.

Welcome !!
Feb 26, 2007
Oh lurkdom is a very important word here on the Chalkbucket!!! Lovely that you made it out. Sounds like you have a very talented gymmie on your hands.

NIce to have a Mom and Dad team on here, I know we have a few others here too.
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