Oy. This mill circle is going to be the death of her/me/her coach

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May 17, 2010
Region 5
Quick synopsis - she's a 5 yo L3. She used to love bars, now, she can't seem to keep the mill circle with any consistency. She'll get it once, and be unable to recapture it.

Her coaches are perplexed. She's beyond frustrated. I just keep thinking - everyone says you don't need it after L4!! Can't we just accept it and move on??

Anyway - she has nightmares about the stupid thing. She asks me what to do different (like **I** have any clue????), her coaches are frustrated for her (and probably themselves - there are a few girls who just can't seem to get it.......)

The good news? In the interim, her other events have drastically improved, she's still having fun, and is looking forward to her next meet, this Sunday.

Just needed to vent about the mill circle to people who can appreciate the frustration!
When my younger dd was learning it, she got off bars. She ran over to me. She declared very loudly,"I QUIT! I am done with gymnastics. My coach keeps making me do it and it hurts." LOL She didn't quit. She got the mill circle. She is working on moving hands now as she puts her leg over. :)
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LOL yes that is one of the stupidest moves in gymnastics (IMHO). My DD also went through L4 sometimes having it sometimes not. Of course for State championship is was not there-- But good news is L5 a fun bars once the kip is achieved but by L6 back to disliking bars with the clear hip. Ya just got to luv this gymnastics sport LOL
LOL - that one move alone is a good reason for not starting until L5!!!
I think my dd managed a half decent one at her L4 states oh so many years ago.
It was good enough for her to move on to L5.

Maybe one of the coaches here could remind us of what this move teaches young gymnast, besides dealing with frustration:rolleyes:

I suggest not focusing on it for a little while. Sometimes what you need to get past a problem is to put it on the back burner and let it sit.
Sorry she is having such a hard time. From what I have read its a problem most have with it. My DD is just a L2..and starting to learn some L3. I got a glimps of her trying to do one at a gym party, she hooked her leg big time..and so far really loves mill circles. Maybe she will be an exception to the rule on loving the mill circle. Of course right now she doesnt "have" to do one..lol. Im sure your DD will get it in due time. I know it has to be frustrating for her. But once she gets it outta the way then she doesnt have to worry about that anymore..on to bigger and better things..lol. Good luck to your DD on getting that mill circle and on the up coming meet
What is her issue with it? Is she falling over or not making it around? My dd struggled with this skill for what seemed like forever, though probably was only six months. At first, she could not get around (this is usually an issue with not shifting hands and/or staying tall). Then she would fall forward (did not know how to put on the brakes). Every now and then it would come together but there was no consistency. By the time meet season rolled around, she finally had it figured out and never fell on it at a meet. All of her teammates eventually figured it out as well. It just takes time and no doubt is a frustrating skill. I am sure she will get it eventually. In the meantime, I'm sure the coaches are telling her what to do. She just has to learn to process everything they are saying and make it work. Good luck!
My DGD never was able to accomplish the mill circle...the gym finally said, let's move on and they did...She is now working on Level 6 skills, never having needed that stupid move ever again, and is excelling in everything that comes her way...so my best advise, get them to move on....
I understand why your so frustrated! Quite a few girls at my gym struggle so much with this! Esp. the littler girls.
I personally acquired this still very fast and love doing them! I do them over and over and over in a row. I did struggle with the front hip circle.
Although I agree that there really is not point with the exception of getting used to changing your wrist grip. But you learn that in the front hip circle as well.
So if shes still struggling with it when shes ready to move up to level 5 I say forget it and move on.
She's not getting all the way around. She'll repeat, verbatim, exactly what the coach tells her to do, but getting her body to do it? Different story entirely.

She even asked me - Mom, why do the big girls never do this??? I just laughed and said it was special for the little ones!!

She has no issues with any other part of the routine, nor has she since day one. Pullovers, casts, back hip circle, dismount - no issues. But the darn mill circle!! (She even do front hip circles w/o issue, so I have no idea.....)

It's just a frustration for her at this stage in the game.
I hear a lot of people struggling with mill circles, I find them relatively easy, but then I struggle with many things others find easy! I think the secret is to lift up really high, push your chest forward and lean forward as far as you can. You think about going forward, not down around the bar. It can help to have a coach stand in front to encourage you to lean towards them. To begin with the coach could support your front leg or hold a mat under your front leg so you can practise getting the feel of leaning forwards because it can feel scary. You want to have the bar against your back leg and your front leg lifted up. Don't know if any of that helps but those are the things that have helped me. (Btw, competitive gymnasts in NZ don't learn mill circle at all).
What really amazes me is how quickly they forget it. Pickle actually had a lovely mill circle when she was an L4, but a few months ago she tried one (long story) and it was comical.

She also realized that she could no longer do a straight arm backwards roll. Every time she tried, she ended up doing some form an extension roll instead.
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