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Just curious, does anyone have "off-campus" P.E. and if so, how did you go about it?:confused:
I have tried for years to get my daughter out of P.E. because of gym. She goes to gym Mom-Fri 17 hours a week so she clearly doesn't need the physical activity. She can run circles around everyone at school and has even broken the mile record, push up and pull up record, even the boys! I've been told over and over again it's a state policy thing, (maybe I should go all the way to Gov.Schwarzzeneger (sp?) haha
Any gym parent knows our girls get more exercise in one class than a whole week of P.E. at school! She only has one more year of required P.E., then her schedule can open up some. But I will try one last time. It's really frustrating though. Thanks!

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Dec 23, 2006
My gymmie asked me to check on the same thing. She's done PE in 6th/7th grade and now is picking her electives for 8th and doesn't want to do PE anymore. I do remember when my older dd was in middle school, they could be "excused" from PE with a letter from a coach---don't get out any earlier or come to school later, just take another elective in place of the PE class. Don't know if the state of our school district's rules have changed, so have to check on that.
Feb 26, 2007
I know at our school a child can just skip phys ed with a note from the parent and coach that they are in training. In fact they can miss whole days as long as the grades are kept up.

There are also some schools with sports study programmes that offer half days of accelerated school programmes and followed by afternoons of the chosen sport.

Sounds a bit frustrating.


My dd is in grade 5 and misses two afternoons of school each week - as it happens her class does have PE on one of those days, so she does miss that. There is a letter on file with her school stating that she is a competitive gymnast, and she receives a "B" for PE on her report card (the reason given that because they can only grade her for what they "observe", so even tho they know she trains 20 hrs a week they only give it so much value :rolleyes:).

However, when she reaches Grade 8 she does have the option (and most likely will) of entering the "gymnastics academy", which is a program offered at one of our high schools - in essence what they do is arrange the athletes' schedules so that they are done all their core courses in the morning and train every afternoon - so their day is done by 6pm, leaving more time for homework, social activities, etc. And they do receive credit for Physical Education. The same high school also offers hockey academy, soccer academy and golf academy, all through the public school system.

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Jan 22, 2008
And they do receive credit for Physical Education. The same high school also offers hockey academy, soccer academy and golf academy, all through the public school system.

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Ok I need to move to your school district. That would work so nicely since my Son is a hockey player and we spend so many hours at the rink along with the time DD spends at the gym. I so wish we had that here.

Heck we don't even have ice hockey or lacrosse in the high school here. I see a move in our future.


Thanks for all your great ideas. I'm not sure how much of that I could get away with here in CA! I like the idea of a letter from her coach during competition season. Her P.E. teacher already knows she competes and goes easy on her the week before a meet. He certainly knows what she is capable of. It would be great if she could just take study hall instead. That would give her time to get her homework done. As it is now she does it in the car on the way to gym everyday (we keep a lap desk in the car just for her!) Thanks again CB parents!!
Jan 2, 2009
When I lived in CA, I got PE credit for off-campus sports. Not sure what they call the program now, but it used to be "leisure time sports" I had to have a coach sign my hours once a week and turn it in, and one of the school PE coaches had to come visit me while I was working out once or twice a semester.

If they hassle you about it, talk to your school counselor about a GIEP (gifted Individual Education Plan) Just because your child is gifted in sports, they should still be willing to accommodate her. It's worth a look see, anyway!

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