Painful splits problems??

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Jul 12, 2017
Hi! I know the title sounds idiotic, but just hear me out, okay? Last year at around Christmas time, I got my good leg front split. Of course it was very painful at first, but it actually became quite comfortable! Anyways, I was moving, and hadn't had time to properly do gymnastics or stretch for about a month. After that, I could still DO my splits, but they're very, very, VERY painful!! Any tips?
It's sounds like you just lost some flexibility from being out of it for some time. I would keep stretching but not rush anything so you don't hurt yourself. Keep working on it and hopefully you will become more comfortable in your splits. :)
Stretching should NEVER be painful. Uncomfortable is where it should end. Otherwise you can injure yourself. Also make sure you are warmed up properly. My friend wanted to stretch without warming up and tore a muscle in her leg. She was out for several months.
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I just feel like when I finally do get it to where it's not as uncomfortable, the next day it's just right back where it was.
Maybe you need to stretch more than just the splits... try stretching your entire body before doing the splits. If it is painful then stop but uncomfortable just means it's working. If the next day it is back to uncomfortable just keep stretching everyday. I hope you can figure this out as it's very frustrating to lose anything (flexibility, strength, skills)
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