Palm guards/ Pre-Dowel grips?

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Jun 29, 2013
I'm a level 3/4 gymnast and I'm 14. I'm 123 pounds/56 kilos and Being on bars for even the slightest amount of time makes my hands practically bleed. I've only been a gymnast for just over a term, so I'm obviously only skilled up to the level 4 routine (In Australia), but the amount of rips I've had is amazing. I've lost count.

I was wondering whether palm guards/Pre-Dowel grips would be a waste of money? And would they be too slippery?

If you get tons of rips then you should get palm grips depending what level you're in. For level five get dowel. There are grips from GK Elite, but prices are higher there. They sell palm and dowel grips,leotards,shorts,grip bags, and wristbands. You should get wrist bands too if you don't want to have rips on your wrist. Good luck! :p
Not open for further replies.