Pan Am Games MAG AA at 12:45 Monday

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Watching the men's AA finals now. Commentators are bugging me a lot. All they seem to notice is when the guys go OOB on floor.
Quick, someone start a clinic on Japanese presses for the US men! :( Still, love watching Whittenburg and Mikulak tumble.
I wish Sam had landed his high bar cleanly. He and Manrique were so close before the last event...and Larduet had a great finish. It could have easily gone the other way. A nice competition though!
Oh, my, that was exciting! I was sure Larduet had him at the end there -- what a great hi bar routine he did! I feel bad for Donnell Whittenburg, but I'm sure he'll keep working on his hi bar. I really wish the Cubans did more international meets.
Not open for further replies.