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Dec 9, 2008
I am holding a parent information session at our gym for all parents of boys recently invited to preteam or team. We are trying to build our program (last year we had 7 boys total--3 level 3s, 1 level 4, 1 level 5 and 2 level 7s), and one of the ways I'm working on supporting that, besides taking on a new role as a boys' preteam coach, is connecting with parents. My first real experience with men's gymnastics was last year, when my son competed level 3. I've been coaching women's gymnastics for 23 years now, so I had the benefit of at least understanding the basics of the sport itself, but I learned so so so very much and honestly fielded many questions from other new parents and know that the new parents this year could also benefit from that connection.

All that to say: what do you wish was addressed when your child (esp boys, but girls as well) started preteam/team? What would you have loved to know very early on? What questions should I be sure to have answers ready for? It will also be an open forum time.
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