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Feb 10, 2007
I just found the girls have a Christmas party at there gym and they are doing Secret Santas!! they bring 2 diff gifts under a 1$ 2 diff days (1 each time)
and then a 5$ gift at the party!! I think this is fun for them and another way to feel part of a Team!! They are soo new tho this its fun tho!!
Secret Santa's are always a lot of fun. In college we did them throughout the season, we called them Secret Sisters and of course we couldn't keep the same one the whole time we were not very good at the secret part. You would get something before every meet, but it did not have to be something that costs money. A card or note with words of encouragement meant just as much to everyone.
Our gym is also doing this in a few weeks for our Christmas party. It's hard to choose gifts tho, b/c they're doing all levels at the same time, so the ages range from 6 to 15!!! ARGH!!! I find some cute options on a gymnastics website, I just wish they had divided the groups up by level or age! It will still be fun tho. Everyone's bringing food, so it'll be like a big "pot luck" party!
I'm having trouble thinking of a gift for ds to bring for his team party. Dd's team is doing secret santa, but the boys are just doing a pick a gift type exchange and the party is for the whole team levels 4-10, so I have to figure out what we can get that would be appropriate for a boy anywhere from 7 to 17.
My dd's team has adopted a needy family and they are going to bring a gift for the family and wrap it at the party. The girls decided that they have enough stuff and they decided to adopt a family. They are really excited about it. They will also pick big/ little sisters and have a sleep over.
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