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Hello again, I am needing more help for my boys team.

When we work pbar we mostly work swings and keeping their legs straight and together, and routines. However, they are getting bored! Does anyone have any interesting drills that could "spice" things up a bit for my L4 boys? Something that would be fun and beneficial to them as well... I have a problem in that I am not very creative in finding new things, so any help would be much appreciated!



Setup 2 pbar blocks and have them practice upper arm swings, upper arm rolls, or shoulderstands and rolling out.

Handstands on parallettes. L to straddle L on low parallettes.

If they could start swinging decently, you could probably have them start flyaway timers. Simply stack some 8 inchers on block at the same height as the pbars. Swing, push off, land on back.
Not open for further replies.