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Is College Gymnastics Scoring Too High?

  • Yes

    Votes: 20 71.4%
  • No

    Votes: 8 28.6%

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The thing that bugs me the most is that, barring a fall, the scoring range is 9.6-10. That’s a really narrow range and doesn’t allow for a lot of differentiation of really good routines and great ones. There’s also a serious leo bias- I remember the side by side videos of a Florida vaulter and one from a UW-Stout and the difference in scoring.

With that said, I still love watching it!
I voted its not overscored a way I think its good for the sport. I think the knowlwedgable people roll their eyes a bit at the score but the excitement of those high scores is what gets the average person involved in the sport which is what is needed to grow the sport to hopefully get more funding and expansion in college teams etc. This year has been great for college gym I have seen it several times on ESPNs top 10 plays lists and I laugh cause its usually not the best example BUT the exposure is important for creating more opportunity and 9.6s arent going to get exposure and get on ESPN.
As the parent of a college gymnast, I do NOT want to see a 2 score system like FIG. Most people have no idea how beaten down these ladies are both mentally and physically by the time they get to college - and then to be able to continue 4 more years - it is brutal. Just look at how many injuries there are and then take into account the types of injuries. They do not need the stress of trying to add several more difficult skills into routines especially when a lot of lower tier college gyms are not equipped to learn new skills. And as seen in elite, the pull is to squeeze as much difficulty in while presentation takes a back seat. These are student athletes. They are training 20 hours per week and typically have full course loads. They are able to be successful because they have been doing their routines forever (years in L10). Some might add a few skills during their college career but many gymnasts don't.

As for changing the Code of points? I am all for that. Tighten the "leeways" that exist currently. Focus on the ones that we see in competition now that show a clear difference in an excellent vt/routine and a perfect one. the tiny foot adjustments, controlled landings (not saluting while hopping out of it) the perfect vertical handstands, the lower chests on landings, how far apart legs are on landings. Those are certainly deductions that can be adjusted to differentiate the great from the perfect.
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