Perfect (ish) meet!

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Feb 26, 2017
So on saturday, I had a meet. If you've seen any of my following posts I do aga so you may understand this somewhat.

I was a senior 9 at this meet and moved up to a senior 10 with no more meets before state.. and the senior 10s are mostly kids who have been senior 10s for a while and are almost there for pre elite, meaning they score much higher than me.

I only went to gym one time that meet week, where I was very dizzy and didn't do much at all...

I ended up competing full out with the meet of my life!!

Scores (note: they score much harder in aga!):
vault: 8.1 (8.5 sv) 3rd place
bars: 7.65 (8.9 sv) 1st place
beam: 7.95 (9.9 sv... very BAD beam, were also judging VERY hard this day) 2nd place
floor: 8.425 (9.8 sv, also judging VERY hard) 1st place
aa: 32.125 (moved to sr 10.. oh no) 1st place

So yes I'm proud of this meet and my coach DEFINITELY was. But it was definitely not the meet I wanted to move up at...
thanks !! not to mention i still ended up getting first on floor with such a low score and tearing my mcl.. (grade 2, so i'm not dying lol just a few weeks off gym)
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