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Peroneal tendon subluxation

Discussion in 'Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)' started by fuzi, Jan 12, 2018.

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  1. My attempts at pretending I was still a teenager resulted in a fractured fibula in September. That is healing well, but I'm still having lots of ankle pain. Doctors initially assumed I sprained my ankle at the same time and it was just healing slower. Now it's looking like the peroneal tendon is subluxing - indicating damage to the retinaculum. Anyways, I have more follow-ups scheduled but I was wondering if other people have experienced this injury.

    I don't want medical advice, but I was wondering if anyone (or their gymnast) has dealt with peroneal tendon subluxation? Were you able to manage conservatively, or did it require surgery? How was the healing process?

    Feel free to PM me your experiences if you'd rather.
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  2. My DD (11) and Level 8 has been dealing with this for some time. Her ankle "pops" when she moves it a certain way. It always happened to some extent but when she started training level 8 and up skills all the pounding really took its toll and it got much worse. We've seen both a sports ortho and a pediatric ortho. They both said surgery is a possible option but due to her young age they were leaning against it at this point. Pediatric ortho referred her to PT to try to strengthen the muscle group that it's all connected to. It has helped some but it's still "popping". Pediatric ortho said it could take a year or more to heal if it ever does. He wants her to continue doing at home PT excercises and follow up in 6 months. She is currently taking a break from gym due to a mid season move and wanting to give her body time to heal (she also has been dealing with severs and OS in her knee). Since she stopped gym her pain in the ankle has lessened considerably. Good luck and hope you heal quickly.
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