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Jan 17, 2008
I have met a personal trainer through a networking group I belong to. He specializes in Student Athletes. He works with them on Strength and conditioning, I am thinking of bringing my DD see him.

She is a L7/L8 gymnast who is struggling with her vaults and bars. I think he would be able to help her with Sprinting on vault and strength on Bars. She needs to get more power on her Tsuk and is not consistent with her Cast to Hand, Clear Hip to Hand or Pioruette.

Her coach does do strength and conditionaing training with the girls. I am not unhappy with the coaching she is getting.. I just am wondering if this would be beneficial. Or because he isnt a gymanstics specialist, would it be more detrimental.

Has any posters/ coaches had experiences with hiring personal trainers for their DD's?

Any response would be helpful!



So I don't really have any experience with personal trainers, but it sounds like a good idea. I would just make sure her coach is OK with this. Some coaches might not want someone else "interfering" with their training.

I've taken private lessons before, and I think the one-on-one time is great since we don't waste time doing things I don't need to work on, and can concentrate on what I do need to work on. Maybe your DD would benefit from something like that. I wish I could do privates more often, but unfortunately they are rather expensive :rolleyes:.


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Feb 26, 2007
I didn't use a personal trainer, but a sports therapist, my dd had some specific issues, like Beetle, so I went a did an hour long session with the ST and DD, she showed me and her all the stretches and strengthening DD needed to help. Was worth every penny of the $75, I worked with DD at home until she could mange by herself, she still uses some of the excercises now and they really have helped.
Aug 2, 2008
east coast
You definitely need to talk to the coach before. There are periods of the sesaon where gymnasts (esp. optional) need to do specific type conditioning. Heavy during summer/ early fall, then moving into endurance, etc. What your personal trainer would do could possibly be detrimental to her progress.

You could OFFER to have her do extra conditioning outside the gym, but it should be complement of what she is doing and only the coach can help you with that.
Hope this helps.


I went with a personal trainer (who was also my pole vault coach, so she knew me really well) for awhile and we did things for pole vault and gymnastics, which use a lot of the same muscles. It helped me so much in both sports. The other thing we really worked on was my endurance, and it was nice to have someone on my case, really pushing me to go harder. It helped my floor routine a ton.


Jul 5, 2007
I'd check with the coach and be careful, a lot of traditional strength training is weights focused which probably isn't the most efficient thing for her anyways I'd think. Cast hand, clear hip hand, and pirouette could be less strength than timing issues anyway. If the coach offers privates then it would seem to me more efficient to do private lessons with a gymnastics coach on these particular skills rather than with a personal trainer who it sounds like mostly works with high school and college age athletes. You could just make it clear in the privates you don't expect just skill work but your daughter would like to know exercises she can do for strength/timing. I know some coaches feel obligated to add a clause that a private will be "conditioning if needed" because they think parents will be upset they are paying for the child to just learn a skill.
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