Petitioning onto Level 7?

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Feb 21, 2012
Region 6
So, i competed prep op novice last season (and improved GREATLY) but i want to switch over to JO. i read HERE that if you are at least 14, and a freshman in highschool, then you can petition onto level 7. [read number 6] (i live in the usa, and i will meet those requirements by the end of next month.) so i have like 80% of all of the level 7 skills, so i was wondering how i would go about petitioning.

Could i do it in october, per say? or does it have to be RIGHT when the fall season starts? because our first meet is in january.. does anyone have any experience with petitioning?

Also, if you are asking why i don't want to do prep op anymore, here is why: we only practice 2.5 hours 2 times a week, so 5 hours a week. Our level fours practice more than that! i want to practice more, but that wont happen on prep op. And my coach doesn't push me, at ALL.

By the way, my parents are willing to drive me to every practice, and pay the extra. I am willing to totally do this. Thank you SO much if you read this all, it's kind of long!:)
Here is going to be the tricky part. You are going to need to get presumably the L7 coach or Head Coach to allow this and sign off on it.

I guess you could stay in the prep-op class and compete unaffiliated but you still would need a coach to do the paperwork.

Any gymnast who has had previous competitive experience in any system (including USA Gymnastics)and who is a minimum of 14 years of age (and is also at least a freshman in High School) is eligible to petition the State Administrative Committeefor entry into Level 7. The petition must be accompanied by a video that demonstrates her skill level.

So, get some video. Look up your state chair. Talk to whoever is in charge of the Competitive program.
my state chair, i jus found out.. is the level 7 coach at my gym! haha. but thank you, that helped me get a start! :)

EDIT: do i talk to my State Administrative Committee Chair, or my Level 7/8 Representative?
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