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Feb 1, 2020
Hey, im training at gym for 5 years, and started gymnastics recently, so i was pretty tight when i've started, especially in the hamstring and hip flexors, also because i was sitting a lot in my lifestyle. because of that, i think i've stretched myself a bit too much, i felt pain in the outer part of my calves, so i stopped the session, and i wanna try physical therapy.
which kind of physical therapy would be most beneficial for me to help me lengthen my muscles, release tension from the lumbar spine, the hamstring and the nerves in those areas? or in other words what should i tell the physical therapist? would it be better if i just tell him that i need a regular athlete treatment for injury prevention? after all i do plan to do it regularly, cause i aim for competitions in the late future.
i really improved in my pike, pancake and splits flexibility, and i dont want to get an overuse injury, after all i train pretty intense.

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Tell your PT everything you just told us. A licensed practitioner who examines you in person will be able to help you far more than a bunch of strangers on the internet
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