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I wish my husband would work out with my daughters. He looks like The Rock as they struggle with pull ups! I think your enthusiasm is awesome and if she likes it, do a lot of ab and shoulder work with her own body weight. No dumbbells as this could tighten her flexibility and hinder her training. Go on the USA Gymnastics site and they have a lot of training that is specific for gymnasts. Get her pumped before the teenager sets in! LOL!
We dont do much gymnastics outside of the gym. DD does some strength and conditioning stuff, but it is what she wants to do..

She does the obvious, sitting in the splits. She was in track last year at school and now her and DH do some running (when the weather allows).

When her wrists are acting up she will do some strength and conditioning with 2 lb weights.. but mostly she just is a normal 13 year old at home.. too much tv, too much IPod listening, WAY Too much texting..but that is part of being a kid... and I am thankful for that.
Tim_Dad, I think it's great that you want to help encourage DD's conditioning, as well as having "Dad & me" time with your DD. They really do grew up fast...can't believe my youngest is 13yrs old & a level 7! But I must say I'm with the keep the gym at the gym camp. If you've read some of the post about gymmies of any age retiring...they have a hard time b/c gymnastics is all they've know from such a young age. May I suggest community soccer, t-ball, lacrosse, tennis, swimming...anything at all but gymnastics training during DD's down time. As she continues in gymnastics and her training hours increase she may start to wonder(as many gymmies do)...what am I missing out on? At least if she has a taste of these different sports now, she'll have idea what they are like & if they interest her for the future. Take her out to try new & varied sports, as many as you can. I new one every week:)rolleyes: just kidding there)!. But seriously, now is the time to do it...while her gym hours are less. JMHO. Best wishes to you both:).
Not open for further replies.