Pirouettes on High Bar

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My dd just completed Level 8 and basically has been doing just backward giants on the high bar. What is the next progression in terms of pirouettes (1/2, full turns) on the high bar while doing giants. Do most level 9's do a 1/2 turn or full turn. Any explanation of what to expect next would be great.

Aug 2, 2008
east coast
There are lots of options for the high bar:
a regular 1/2 pirouette
a blind change pirouette (this turns the gymnast in the opposite direction & puts her in a front grip)

a gymnast can do a full pirouette in L9-either a regular pirouette, but w/ 4 hand changes, or a blind change to an additional 1/2 pirouette. The gymnast is now only allowed1 D at Level 9, so most likely you won't see a lot of full pirouettes ( full and blind -full pirouettes are D's)

It really depends on what she does out of it- an overshoot would most likley be out of a regular 1/2 turn, a front giant would most likely follow a blind change. Level 9's are required to have at least a 1/2 pirouette of some type.

There is not really anything to "expect"-- it all depends on what your daughter is taught & good at- the coaches will focus on those elements.
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