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Mar 3, 2023
Hey, so I’ve been having a terrible mental block of tumbling into the pit. BACK tumbling specifically. Like i warm up so many round off back handsprings and my steps are fine but when I go to do the back tuck I get so scared. Can someone help me?
We don't learn back tucks into a pit at our gym. Everyone just learns them with a spot or onto an in ground resi. We don't really use the foam pit for tumbling until double flipping.
No I have my back tuck, just our coaches make us do like layouts and stuff and it makes me scared
Ask your coach to put a mark on the ground where your roundoff hands go... then you will know exactly where you should be each time.

I have had many gymnasts with a fear of tumbling into the pit. At first we put a mark on the floor for hands and a mat in the pit that is floor level. Then we put a very thin mat to cover the edge between the floor and the mat. This way the gymnasts are less scared to hit the edge and hurt their toes or something. You could try this at first and when you get comfortable, you can move the mats.
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