Planning a trip to America in 2012/2013

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Apr 12, 2009
Perth, Australia
As it says in the title I am planning a trip to America in end 2012/2013 after I finish Uni. I will be 22/23 at that time. I currently coach in Perth, Australia. I would love to travel around and visit some gymnastics clubs. As I know absolutely nothing about US gymnastics and college gymnastics I was hoping you guys would be able to help me out! Is there many comps for mag/wag or MG/WG as FIG is calling it now around end of the year or start of a year? I rekon it would be great to see a college gym comp. They look so lively and watching videos on youtube reminds me of a rock concert with the crowd doing crazy!! Is it possible for me to attend one or are people that are related to the gymnasts allowed to attend? What gym clubs are around? I am currently at the Olympic Gymnastic Academy in Western Australia, Australia and I know there is an Olympic Gymnastics Academy in USA? Does anyone train at this club that is a member of this forum??

Thanks guys, :D
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