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Have you considered half time enrollment for high school? There are a lot of academic and non academic benefits to in person school. Is it possible to enroll in a school near her gym?
Actually, that is what we are looking at, enrolling her in a private school near her gym. We do have a couple of years before this, but that is why we are trying to figure things out now so that we are not staring down the start of her freshman year in high school and suddenly trying to figure things out. One thing for sure, it seems like private schools, probably a function of $$$, have much more flexibility/willingness to work with athletes in this type of situation.
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It's good that you're thinking about a college, but it seems like it's still early. Your child shouldn't be terrified about it, shouldn't be constantly worrying that she won't be good enough. Talk it over with your child, what college she wants, decide together.
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