WAG platinum jump

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Aug 7, 2023
hi! so i competed gold for 2 years in a row-i was trying to do platinum last year but i got so overwhelmed with the jump that i psyched myself out and could never do half the skills. here is what i’m doing all the time in practice now, do you think i’ll be able to do platinum this year?

I’ve been flipping tsuks all summer and can land on a mat in the pit with a little spot. I can do a half on half off pretty easy though.

kip cast (almost above horizontal) back hip circle, toe circle, kip castaway flyaway

I have been getting spots for my cast handstands, I haven’t really grasped the concept of the clear hip yet but i can do the bounce t trainer drills for it pretty good now.

cartwheel swing through cartwheels, full turns, back tuck dismount, front tuck dismount, front pike dismount, handstand forward roll, straight jump wolf jump, straight jump split jump, cartwheel back tuck dismount

Floor: this is where i really psyched myself out last year

i can do my front pike on floor pretty consistently, i’ve been doing front layouts off the rod floor into the pit, and i’ve tried front tuck front tucks onto a mat onto the floor (second front tuck was just really low)

for the longest time i’ve had a really short back handspring, but i’ve recently been stretching it out and my round off backhand spring looks way cleaner than before. so i have been doing round off back tucks into the pit onto a mat off the rod floor. i have been doing the round off back handspring to candle stick on the floor VERY consistently now (before i would land too far everytime because i would change my backhand spring) And just wednesday at practice i finally did a round off back handspring back tuck off the rod floor into the pit because i was feeling confident.

so-with all these skills in mind, could i make the jump to platinum this year-honest opinion. i’m just doing gymnastics for fun but i really want to move up for the fun of it :)