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I need to know a good beam routine for a Level 9 and some tips on how to not be so nervioes when it comes to beam. So please help me. :confused:


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Jan 4, 2008
Your confidence on beam will have a lot to do with your own self talk and attitude. before you compete visualise yourself on the beam doing your routinee perfectly with no falls or wobbles and every skill stuck cleanly. Do this several times before you actually get up to compete.

Use positive words when talking to yourself, never say to yourself "Daont fall off" or "dont wobble". Instead use positive phrases like "stick perfectly" or "perfect balance".

Slow down and take your time, its when you rush that there are problems. better to get the ttiny deduction for going overtime than the huge deduction for falling off because you rushed.

Lots of beam complex shopuld be done everyday. Spend time everyday on beam doing basic exersizes like kicks, balancing on toes, skipping on the beam, basic jumps on the beam and so on to build your margin for error.

A good routine for level 9 needs to include the following requirements -

A, B and C elements only with the allowancce of 1 D element only in the routine. The D element is awarded as a C.

You need an acro series with two flight elements, both on the beam. this is different to level 8 where on 1 acro element in the series needs flight. The most popular series for level 9 is back handspring back handspring. But others may include round off back tuck, back handspring back layout step out (but there must not be another D in the routine) and so on.

A leap or jump with 180 split. Switch split leap is quite popular. But you can do split leap, or split jump, or sissone.

A full turn

and an aerial; or salto dismount. That is at least a B. Try a front layout or front layout full, and cartwheel, or round off or BHS into a back full is good too.


Jun 24, 2008
A few additions and corrections:

You need a 180 leap or split that is connected to another leap or jump. This is not a .5 requirement, but it is a flat composition deduction.

.3 of bonus-- generally from a combination of B+C dance (+.1), C+C dance (+.1 if the same element, +.2 if different elements), or B+C or C+C gym acro (same bonus). You see a lot of switch leap straddle jumps, jumps into back tucks, etc.

You can have as many Ds as you want. The limit on the number of Ds does not apply to this season; it will begin next season.
one of the big things that helped us a lot on beam was just being really really comfortable with your routine, do it a lot in practice we would do beam routines every day we would need to have 10 sticks, at first it is tedious, but you really get comfortable.
as our comfort level improved we were able to compete better.

competing beam is one of the hardest i think tbough it was always hit or miss for me, i agree with everyone who has said visualize that helps a lot too, and as hard as it might be don't get too focused on the fact that its a meet some peopel thrive under pressure but others just need to relax.

Also our team would huddle before every event and pump each other up and say you know lindabobjoe you got this backhanspring, or w/e.

good luck!!! =)
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