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Jan 14, 2014
As you may know i have a club in the UK and we are going to the US next year to compete in the Presidential Classic, i was wondering if any of you american coach could help me on where i can find a copy of the JO rules. we have got a copy of the boys rules but cant seem to find anywhere or anyone who has the girls rules
we looked on the USA gymnastics website we can only see a paper copy that gets delivered (and as we live in the UK this is not very helpful) please can someone help me find these its really important!
Are you saying "rules" as in the code of points? I can't think of anything else that would be considered that. You can order it online but it's a good $60 or so. USAG doesn't offer it free that I know of.
Or just ask questions, it's probably easier then going through the entire code.
You can also download the optional code of points on iBooks for $39.99 or the compulsory app on android or iPad for $29.99. It's cheaper than the hard copy book and shipping.
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