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Dec 4, 2008
So if you guys have read my other threads than you should know that I train myself.Well... right now the only thing I have is a floor bar and 2 mats and alot of space oh AND a massive trampoline. Now , I am going to get a set of uneven bars , im going to build a beam. im going to order a floor mat , and springs off the internet and get 5x5 plywood and build the floor. and im getting a foam vault. Well.. the skills I am going to train as soon as I get them are the skills that are basics to me. Like.. does anybody have any drills I could do , to practice these :
- backhand springs
- round offs
- front tucks
- backhand spring back tucks
- standing back tucks
- good split jumps
- hand stand piroette on bars
- kip
- hand spring for vault
- tsuk for vault
- handspring front tuck
- backhandspring back whip back tuck
- backhandspring back layout.
So if anybody has any drills using a floor bar , 2 mats , a trampoline and lots of space that would help me with these skills. Please reply .
Thank - You !
I have to ask, and I know it will sound worse being typed than being said. WHY are you training yourself? Not only are you increasing your chances of developing really bad habits for when you DO go to a gym, but your also increasing the chances of being injured, severely, without proper supervision, and proper spotting that needs to be done on certain elements. There are some things you can work on at home obviously, such as your handstand, practicing them against the wall belly in, cartwheels, roundoffs, split jumps, regular home conditioning. I just don't think its very safe for you to just try this stuff on your own
Well, see.. its not like im training my self completly , I mean , yeah I am gunna train myself for what I could already do . But yeah with stuff I need spotting with my ex coach . ( She quit ) and shes really good friends with my parents she is gunna come 4-5 days a week and help me with my routines and the stuff that I cannot do on my own.
I agree with Nicci. Training yourself is not safe! You are a youngster. You say a coach comes 4-5 days a week to train you. CRAYOLA, you should be asking your coach for all this advice. Hopefully, your parents are overseeing all this home training. Like Nicci said, some things you can work on at home without risk of serious injury. At home conditioning is considered training. Easy skills that don't involve rotation or height, like acrobatics and dance moves are relatively safe if you have learned from a coach the proper way to perform them and can do them. It's ok to get a second opinion on this site as far as training goes, but you can't expect quality coaching from strangers who don't know you and have never seen you do gymnastics. Be safe! Listen to your coach. Find a gym and enroll. We would hate to find out you were seriously injured trying to learn gymnastics at home. I hope you listen to us. I'm just very concerned for you. Listen to Nicci. She's right.
Thanks , but she has seen me do gymnastics. She was my coach for 6 years. Its not like im gunna throw a double back . I am going to go to a gym ,when im learnin skills like that. Than after I got them I will do it with my coach. It will be fine. I mean , ive been training bars already. Its going good. And I enrolled in a gym before I was p5 in canada and level 9 in USA . I just cannot go back to a gym right now because I have a stress fracture in my back. So I just do stuff that doesnt hurt and when that stuff starts to hurt I stop. I didnt hurt my back at home I hurt it 2 years ago and it hasnt healed proper yet. I infact hurt it at a gym. If I was at a gym , I couldnt stop when I needed to.
If you were at a gym and couldn't stop when you needed to, then you were at the wrong gym. That is ridiculous if your coaches wouldn't let you stop due to pain.

The pain is a sign that you need a rest, especially if it has been two years since it was hurt. Working out at home may not be the best idea.
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