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May 22, 2009
At the Gym!
:(OMG. I have a serious issue. I am the least flexible person in the universe. Don't get me wrong, i've come a long way, but i still have a ways to go. I''m tryng for seven, and it is not a good time to be worrying about flexiblity. DOES ANY ONE HAVE DRILL FOR SPLITS! I've done hyper splits, sat in a regular split for 5 min each, but nothing seems to work. Whenever i get all stretched out, i just go right back to all tight within and hour. HELP PLEASE!!!!


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
I have the same problem! Just make sure you do them every day and then your muscles will start to loosen up. do them while you are watching t.v. If you do them once and they look good (almost all the way down) don't just come out of it...hold for about 2 minutes. Then take a break and do them about 30 minutes later...and again...make sure you do them EVERY day if you can.
hope this helps...good luck!


Okayy so one thing I do when I am at home is put my front leg up on something and my back leg up on something and hold my splits for ten minutes then 20 min later I do it again and so on also try doing leg swings standing or on your back. Hope this helps. :)
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