Podium Training tonight!

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I think some of the Chinese girls looked scared. Definitely not as confident as I thought they would be. I have no doubt though that they will be fighting for that gold just as hard as we are. It should be an excellent match up.
My dad has this bad feeling about Shawn going into these games. She has every right to be nervous. She's the reigning world AA champ at 16. She'll be competing many many times in a short time frame. It's got to be tough.
They need a 5th good bar score and cHellsie is it- much more consistent than Jana w/ a little better form. It is the right decision.
I know, I know...still, it just irks me. What kind of message are we sending to our younger gymnasts, who look up to these Elites? Win at all costs, and kill yourself trying to get your level of difficulty up??? SIGH!
If Chellsie's ankle was *that* bad, they'd not have her on bars either. They'd not risk a messy landing on the dismount. This is a TEAM event, not every woman for herself. She is strong on bars, she will benefit the team. I highly doubt the decision is completely hers, either. This isn't about one athlete competing one event, when another may be able to compete more. It is about who can best represent the USA and show what we've got. We have a real good shot at a gold medal here, we have an incredibly solid team. Especially with the difficulty seen in some of the other countries routines, we need someone with Chellsie's experience. She is a former world champion, former world bars champion. She has maturity and experience beyond the majority of her teammates.

Paul Hamm pulled himself out because he sustained another injury and likely wouldn't have been physically capable of putting up a solid performance, him pulling out wasn't as much about "I'll give someone else a chance to shine" as it was about "My performance can't benefit the team right now."

Chellsie's bars routine *can* benefit the team right now. She can still perform it at a world class level even with an injured ankle.

As far as my comments on podium training, I feel bad for the Chinese girls. There's a lot of pressure on them being the home team, and being contenders for the team Gold. From what I saw from podium training, their consistency is just not there. Our ladies were more consistent overall. And as much difficulty as some of the Chinese girls have, that's not going to be very helpful if they fall or have other major screw-ups.

I finally got to watch it all:cool: The girls looked pretty good. I dont think we needed to watch Bela either :confused: I think Bridget looked more nervous than Shawn though. Another irritating thing was all the sounds the floor made when they landed along with the sound of the camera moving next to the vault. :p
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