Poll: Favorite "The Chalk Bucket" layout...

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May 3, 2008
What is you favorite "The Chalk Bucket" layout...

1. Chalk Bucket 2007 (pink)

2. ChalkBucket 2005 (original)

3. Chalk Bucket 2008 (dark)

My favorite is the Pink one...

How about you?:)
I like different ones on different days. Since I upgraded the site they all need some work on them.

If anyone doesn't know how to switch the theme, go to the bottom left of any page and there is a drop down theme switcher.

I have also added a poll to the top of the thread.
I like the pink one too, but i could go for a light teal one. The other ones are just too old fashioned-looking. kinda reminds me of windows 98.
i think that bright colors would be cool. like pink and lime green and yellow with at teal. idk, i guess sometimes it would be too bright, but it would be cool. i like the pink, the 2008 is way too dark for me. i think that the 2005 one is too plain. and anyone who is reading this make sure you watch VISA CHAMPIONSHIPS (WOMEN) on SATURDAY at 3-5!!! on tv
I like the pink one! It's so bright and pretty! It's like the prettiest layout I've ever seen! I think there should be an olympic theme that's red and black or whatever the colors are and we could all use it when the olympics are on!!!!! An orange or lime green and sky blue would be pretty.
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