POLL!!!: How Many Leos Do You Have???

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How many leos do you have???

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I wont answer the poll since I'd screw it up. And also since there is no "zero" option haha!


i have so many different team leos from over the years. by the time i hit optionals, it was 3 a season. and it changed with every level, and i changed levels pretty quick then i had a special leo from TOPs then i got two high school leos... so way more than 12 befeore i count practice leos (which i actually don't have that many of, my mom would never buy me more than one or two a season, she's the anti-gym mom ha ha).


I have so many leos. I just counted :) 8 leotards are from competitions. And 34 leotards for practice!!! WOW! I don't remember having so many...I think its because I havn't grown in forever! :D
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
interesting results:)

...i have 3 training leos and my comp one (though we are getting a new comp one this year).
Oh, and an old comp one that doesn't fit anymore...don't know if that counts :p
Jul 4, 2008
I'm a compulsive shopper. I justify it by the fact that nobody else at the beach will be wearing the same thing if I wear one swimming, and I can get two or three for the price of one article of Lulu Lemon clothing, which seems to be the preferred brand of the rest of my class.
Sep 10, 2008
I only have 2. But that is b/c I have been out of the gym for 10+ years and now I'm a crazy "old person" trying to do gymnastics. Back in the day I had way too many to count.


I have 5 leo's well....6 if you count my purple and blue crash velvet top.:D
I have three leos, but got to order two more as Christmas presents. So I'll have 5 practice leos once they come. I only have one competition leo, though, because we can trade our old competition leos that are too small, and get a new one for half price. So I have 6 total leotards.
I have over 30 training ones
6 old competition ones
1 current competition one
2 county ones
1 high school one
2 Nationals ones
i like buying them from the US there so much cheaper than in england my current comp one was £65 :eek:
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