Coaches Pommel/Mushroom drills

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Dec 29, 2014
Northwest USA
The mushroom/pommel seems to be the least favorite event for our level 5 and 6 boys to practice- no matter how much we try to motivate they like to sit more than circle. I would love it anyone has any fun drills to encourage the boys to try harder during practice. We have done circle competitions and that kind of thing, which works well with the level 4s and pretax first learning mushroom circles.

Do any of you still use the bucket trainer for smaller level 5 and 6 boys? Also having issues with the boys piking during circles rather than straight legs. They are much more motivated and try harder on all the other events.

I use the bucket with the boys and even the higher level boys really love it.

You can also try putting lines and marks on the floor for boys who are still trying to get a full circle or two connect their first few circles and their goals are to try and beat the line they reach each time.

You could have a records board where there is the top circle record for each level and each age and they try to beat the record to be the one on the board.
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