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Steve Long

I'm trying to find a good resource for pommel horse skills and wondering if anyone can help. We've got a young boys team with no advanced gymnasts to demonstrate different skills/techniques. My understanding of the event is very limited and with very few pictures it's hard to coach well. We've mastered basic circles pretty well, spindles are getting there... would like to know a few other techniques for 180 turns. Thanks.

p.s. It would be really cool if any coaches a junior boys teams had some video of these basics done well.
I am a coach, and a judge. I judge mainly pommel horse, and LOVE to coach this event. Email me at [email protected] with more questions/ skills. I'm sure I can help at least a bit. In the mean time, keep swinging!!!!!!


I'm glad there's someone here to help him, because all I know about pommels is circles and that the pommels hit back hard when you hit them. At least I've been told by my male teammates that pommels bite back. Good luck!
Not open for further replies.