poses for my routine

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floor or beam? Or both? I got totally inspired by Shawn Johnson and Nastia's beam routines.


I would recommend watching lots of routines and you'll pick up on poses that you like. Try going to youtube and searching for gymnastics from the 1980s and early 90s - there's some really original dance moves from those time periods.


maybe this will help...

Hey girl! So I choreograph for all of my gymnasts and at times I even struggle once in a while trying to figure out new stuff!! Ask yourself what you are good at- flexibility or strength..both??? Are you a dancer…or not really?? Whatever you are good at, use it!! If you are strong do poses that show off your muscles….are you flexible…..do things that show of your flexibility (judges love that stuff). Go to u-tube and check out stuff their…..turn the radio up and just let your body move to the music….maybe something will just come about- and then use it! Always remember a person can have the smallest/simplest dance pose….but if you throw that chin up and chest out….it’s going to look good! Good Luck!!
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