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Post Season

Discussion in 'Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)' started by tomtnt, Mar 12, 2018.

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  1. can't believe regular season for JO gymnastics is over and we are headed for the post-season.

    Almost time for the annual chalkbucket complaint threads on how unfair qualifications to Nationals is for the some regions compared to other regions! Has any rules changed since last year?

    wonder if we will have more formal elite girls dropping back into JO competition due to the major problems USA Gymnastics is having with the elite program.

    wonder if participation in JO gymnastics has suffered due to the mainstream media coverage of the many issues plaguing USA gymnastics.
  2. I don't know of any rule changes. Region 8 is still requiring a 35 for L9 and L10 from states to go to Regionals while I believe all the other regions still require a 34 to go to Regionals and a 35 for Nationals AND top 7. I think the extra spots are being awarded the same as last year.
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  3. Region 7 has increased level 8 regionals to 35. Not sure if it starts this year or next.
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  4. And while you guys finish up your season, here in Australia the optional kids are just starting theirs and the compulsory kids still have a few month to go before it even begins.
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  5. It starts this year...and with dd only competing AA once this season due to injury, I was quite nervous about her hitting it! But luckily she came in at about 36.25.
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  6. @kayjaybe that is awesome for her. It's nice to hear good things.
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  7. Wow. You guys are all way different from Region 3. For 9/10 qualification to regionals, the girls need a 34 at state. For level 8, it is done as a percentage of competitors (we're in TX, so I think our percentage is 52.30: 361 total gymnasts, 194 advance from age group competition and then the top 26 non-qualifiers across all age groups go as at-large qualifiers). I'm not sure how qualification is done for 9/10 to Westerns, but I believe it is a minimum score of 35 and a specific AA placement (though I could be wrong about that--anyone who knows, feel free to correct me).
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  8. Yep Region 6 for 7 and 8 regionals is
    Top 7, then % of %

    Which means unless you are in a State that has fewer less strong gymnasts you pretty much need a 37 even for the % of %, a few high 36 might get lucky. For L7
    For L8, same numbers in the larger States. But a 35 or 34 could get in a weaker smaller state.
  9. Region 5 for regionals is: 35.0 for Level 7, and 34.0 for 8, 9, 10
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  10. Same here. My dd will need a high 37 to qualify for regionals from her age group. I hope that she can pull it off. Region 3.
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