MAG [POTENTIALLY DUMB QUESTION] Why is women's gymnastics more popular than men's gymnastics?

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Men's Artistic Gymnastics
That is fantastic! We eventually ended up at a gym like this and it was amazing for my son. But, my son was the rare child that wanted gymnastics, above other sports. We had him try them all. He loved it from the beginning. almost 20 years later, still loves it!

Good luck to your little guy at regionals!
And with my boy. He didn’t even want to try other sports. He saw the Olympics and said “that looks amazing!” and here we are. I’m so thankful we have the gym we do and that I’m slowly learning how to be a good gym mom

I hope he’s still as passionate and driven in 20 years like your boy! Mine is only 10 and his goal is Stanford so he knows he has some work ahead!
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