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I found this great video of one of Dave Adlard's seminars on Coaching Gymnastics in the New Millennium.

All I can say your program develops...this concept of perfection will become more and more important to you. If you find yourself in a rush to get all those new Level 4's round-off back handsprings for season...go back and watch this video.

I'll probably get attacked for this one as I've said things like the following in the forums before...

"Perfection doesn't start perfect!"

I stand by the above statement...nothing starts perfect. In the video Dave states that he could teach a sloppy round-off back handspring in 6 or 7 months, but a good one takes 13 months or more. If you do get that kid that comes to open gym and has a round-off back handspring a few months after you have begun teaching it, your job is not done. Your job is not to send them to Level 5 with a round-off back handspring, your job is to send them to Level 5 on a path to Level 7. Keep on that skill until it is perfect...create an optional gymnast...not another Level 5!

Here's the video...


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