For Parents Prayers needed for a young gymnast who was recently severely injured

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Jul 29, 2007
I heard from a fellow gym mom about this young lady tonight. She is a 13 year old level 9. She was injured doing an uneven bar routine at practice. From what I understand, her spinal cord was almost completely severed between the T11 and T12 vertebrates. She had to have a rod inserted in her back, and is paralyzed from the waist down. They are hoping that once the swelling goes down that maybe SOME of her feeling will come back. Please pray for her and check out the links. It is letters about her from her coaches....she seemed to be a wonderful girl who loved God.
Team Avery Fund and The Avery Downing Story
What an incredible, young lady! My prayers are with her. It sounds like her comfort in G will see her through anything. We all need to be more like her. Beautiful!:)
Also brought tears to my eyes, what a courageous and beautiful young lady. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.
Thoughts and prayers.

Please keep this young lady in your thoughts and if you pray..keep her in your prayers.

She is a 13yr old L9 gymnast out of TN. She fell on a bar routine and is now paralized from the waist down.

This has hit some of our own gymmies pretty hard. (esp our 2 L9s).

They competed with her at the meet we went to in TN the first weekend of this month (they were the host gym). And we all know, that when they get to those higher levels..there are fewer and fewer of they sit and talk to each other alot during the meet.

It really does bring home, just how easy things can go so wrong, so fast.

Promising teen gymnast paralyzed while practicing routine - Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

And then here is a just a little write up about it on her gyms website
Thanks for sharing Deanna. I'm going to try to merge this with the other thread about Avery (or get someone who has access to the parent forum do it!) These links are really great. She's definitely in my prayers. My good friend was just paralyzed from the waist down (T 10 I think) after an illness and it's so hard. Avery is so young too, it's heartbreaking. But she seems like a very strong girl who will get through this!
Not a problem. And I feel so dumb I forgot you were a parents forum mod, it was even right there on the screen. Sorry!!
Thanks Bog. I was working on it. And I finally figured it out. (first time it moved it to the parent section..even then I had clicked merge..not So then I was working on how to merge then. Was about to be proud of myself when a message came up telling me it wouldnt do me any good to merge the thread with
And I truely do feel sorry for her, her parents and her team mates. I hope she has a full recovery
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What an amazing little girl!!! Praying for her. I've worked with a lot of spinal cord injured patients and it is a very difficult road, but this kid is tough. She will do well no matter what the future holds. Amazing...
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