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Aug 12, 2012
Since we're in the middle of competition season right now, i was wondering if anyone has anything that they have to do before a meet. Like listening to a certain song, eating a specific meal, or doing some random handshake before you compete on an event! I always have to listen to this one song no matter what:)
I have a ton of these! I always wear the same ponytail. My first season I wore it in my hair. Then it got stretched out, so I hid it in my ribbons, then ever since I wear it on my wrist, until the second I salute, I hand it to coach.
I listen to pump up music before vault, my floor music for floor, hunter hayes for beam andsomething pop for bars.
Before beam, I always pop in a fun-sized twix:)
Before beam again, I always find a quiet corner and chill out for a minute.
I always wear my lucky bracelet with a shamrock charm the morning of the meet.
My mom always does my hair the day of the meet.
I wear the same underwear for the entire season, but don't worry, I wash it!
I wear mix-matched socks on meet days.
My first year of competitive gymnastics, we did secret sisters for the whole season. First meet, we opened them after warm ups before march ins, I had an awful warm up, and I got a little chite polar bear stuffed animal and a pack of oreos. I nailed every routine despite the warm ups! Now, the polar bear whom I named Kip, has been at every single meet:)
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I always eat a honeycrisp apple & raisins, preferably before beam. I never wear my warmups & always get yelled at for it.

I need to talk to someone through the meet to distract myself from becoming nervous, preferably my coach. I can't watch anyone's routines. Nobody is allowed to cheer for me NO MATTER WHAT. I can't watch my teamates compete earlier in the day before I compete.

I have a certain way of doing my hair & makeup. I "unchalk" the bars if they're chalky & don't go near the bucket.

I need to figure out who I am competing against before the meet starts or else I'm a wreck.

I'm very superstitious!
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I have a lot of pre meet rituals, haha.

the night before, i always eat mac and cheese.
in the car, i have to listen to music, and inspirational speeches.
before vault, (literally, after i salute) i have to wipe my hands on my legs.
before floor, i crack my toes. If i don't, i have a horrible routine.
no one can cheer for me AT ALL, until i'm done with the routine.
i can't watch anyone's floor routine, or bar routine unless ours are the same. :)
Hmmm... I do like people to cheer but only right before I go or right after not during the routine. I like to get there a bit early and stretch by myself to get muscles warm that we don't get to in our little group stretch. I pick at myself a lot right before I go because I get so nervous, I make sure my tramp shoes are on, and everything is in place. I salute then take at least 1 big deep breathe before I go. I will not watch anyone else in my flight in my age/level because I automatically assume I have no chance to win. I really don't like anyone to talk to me during the competition, I'm too super nervous and it bothers me like it takes away my focus. I know I'm weird. ;)
I listen to my floor music all morning before the meet. At the meet on beam and floor I can't have anyone cheer or I mess up.
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