Pre-Practice snacks?

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I can't eat really heavy before a practice or a meet, because I get nauseated easily, but I run out of energy quickly without food, so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of pre-practice/meet snacks that are light and help you have more energy?


Bagels, apples, and bananas are mainly what I eat before practice.


Soy joy bars. mmmm

Direct quote from our boys' team coach," What a happy snack."


+1 on the PB and apples or celery is good too as well as granola bars. I have a disdain for soy, starting with ultra processed food and kids don't mix.

While one of our head coaches preferred our gymnasts didn't have dairy products as a snack during gym, before it might be ok, especially if they were lactose tolerant. Ingesting dairy tends to require a lot of blood to help process it in the stomach so it would have to depend how much time it was ingested before the workout.

Hard boiled eggs are another excellent idea or most fruit, bananas or carrots I'm big on.

However, I've heard the way peanut butter is processed makes it not necessarily a high quality food. Something about legumes and mold. I think it was referenced in the China diet study, but I have opinions about that as well.


Awesome snack recommendations! I always had a granola bar before workout for a quick snack. If you are going to eat dinner before workout it's best to eat about an hour and a half before workout--allowing the food time to digest and what not--I was told this by a sports nutritionist when i was in level 6, and it's helped me a lot.


Scrambled eggs keep me going for a long time but they're light enough that I can still bounce around without feeling like there's a brick in my stomach.


I like to eat mostly fruit before gym... or granola bars like others have said and then usually a big glass of ice water! :p
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