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Nov 3, 2010
Hey guys! I was just wanting to know who you all think/want to be on the Olympic team! My predictions are:
1. Wieber
2. Raisman
and hopefully
3. Nastia
4. Gabby
and either
5. Maroney/Li/Finnegan (I'm partial to Sarah because she's close to my home gym :D)
1 - Wieber
2 - Raisman
3 - Douglas
4 - Maroney
5 - Ross or Liukin
Alternates - Ross or Liukin and Finnegan

I have one concern, with the US team now flush with Amanars, they don't techinically NEED Maroney for vault in team finals. Is there a chance the US could leave the best vaulter in the world at home?! I think that would be a shame.
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1. Wieber
2. Raisman
3. Douglas
4. Maroney
5. Liukin
Alternates: Ross and Finnegan

As much as I would LOVEEE to see Sloan or Sacramone make it, not sure if they will. Maybe one of them will be an alternate but chances are pretty slim.

Dougles need consistency, which she hasn't had so far.

I think Marta would lovee to have a Gold on Vault for Maroney, so as much as I sort of agree that maybe she should be left home, I have a feeling Marta wouldn't do that.
I love thinking about all of these scenarios - GymSurvivor - I like your line up, Nastia, Bross and Li are all shooting for the same spot, I don't see where Alicia fits in because we need a floor/vault person - that is where Maroney fits, I believe. And the other 3 are your all arounders. I think Finnigan and Ross are good alternates, but it wouldn't surprise me if Sloan were an alternative because she has more bars potential?!?! With that line-up...



Raisman or Douglas

Douglas or Maroney

We'll know more after this weekend - see who can hit when the pressure is on!
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Yesterday morning I would have said the following:

Wieber, Raisman, Douglas, Ross, Maroney

After seeing Nastia's bar videos from yesterday, I am almost hedging my bets. She looked fantastic on beam, but she looks equally good on bars and I think her dismount looks better than it ever has. Knowing that the team doesn't NEED Maroney to vault, and factoring in that she is easily replaceable on every other event, I think there is a chance we see Liukin as the 5th.

Sad to leave the best vaulter in the world at home, but that's her only truly SPECTACULAR event and sadly it's an event where there is a crap ton of spectacular floating around right now.
I watched a number of the podium videos and regardless of who's picked there is going to be a lot of talent left behind. I like the way 2gymmies mapped it out by event. Kind of scary if Wieber is #3 on bars because she's not the most consistent on that apparatus. My picks (with a lot of competition yet to come):

1. Wieber
2. Raisman
3. Douglas (though I would leave her off beam)
4. Liukin
5. Maroney (I just can't see leaving her behind though she's really only there for vault).
Alternates: Sacramone and Finnegan

Do the alternates get team medals?
Did anyone see Bridget Sloans videos? She is competing AA and looking fierce.

We really should not be looking to Raisman or Weiber on bars. Their strengths lie elsewhere.
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If Sloan, Liukin and ASac have strong meets, this could get very interesting. Supposedly, Liukin wants to add/change her bar routine for trials to up the D score.
I love Gabby, but she has to be consistent on all 4 events for the next 2 meets to solidify a spot.

As others have said, alot of talented girls will be left home.
If Aly, Kyla, and Gabby get their amanars prettier, then the lineup could be:

Vault: Wieber and the two that have the best amanars at the time
Bars: Douglas, Ross, and Liukin
Beam: Liukin, Wieber, Raisman
Floor: Raisman, Wieber, and Douglas

I know that Maroney is beautiful on vault, but her other events aren't spectacular, and with this team we would have 4 amanars, plus beautiful worker on the other events. This lineup also includes three girls that can actually swing bars, plus all 5 of them can do beam, four of them floor. Ross, although her amanar not as pretty as Maroney, has more to offer, especially on the USA's weakest event.
The other scenario would probably replace Ross with Maroney
Vault: Maroney, Wiever, Raisman
Bars: Douglas, Liukin, and Wieber
Beam: Wieber, Raisman, Liukin
Floor: Raisman, Wieber, Douglass

In my opinion if Liukin performs how she did in training in the next two competitions, she would most likely have a spot, because her bars looks amazing, better than Bross or other people competing for the "bars specialist" spot.
I think Douglas has a very good chance in making it, but if she makes a mistake, I think the entire line-up will look different.
Wiever is pretty much a lock, with Raisman being pretty close to a lock as well.
With Liukin looking so strong, that puts ASac completely out of the mix doesn't it, even as an alternate? ASac obviously can't step in for Liukin if she gets hurt, and if one of the other four got hurt and ASac stepped in, the US would have to take a zero on floor in qualifying since neither Liukin or ASac do floor.
I love ASac so much, but we just have too many girls that are strong on beam and vault, but that also have other events. Thats why I think that Maroney might not make the team, because we need bars. Nastia just has what USA needs. Doesn't seem fair does it?
Beam-Liukin,Ross, Weiber
Bars-Douglas,Liukin, Ross
Vault-Maroney, anyone else really....lots of options here....seems like just about everyone can throw a decent vault.
Floor-Weiber,Ross, Maroney

I am not impressed with Raisman. And overall at Visa's Day 1 there were a ton of bobbles from everyone on every event. Only exceptions were: Nastia, Ross, and Alicia's beam sets.

Lots of jitters, still some time to polish before trials though.
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At this point I think Liukin is done. She is lovely, but I am not sure if that is enough. Look at Elizabeth Price, she is SOLID and snuck up from nowhere. I also just love Gabi, she and Chow together are like a ray of sunshine where few smiles are seen. Gabi's gym is just fun to watch.
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Douglas is absolutely thrilling when she's on, but it's painful to watch when she's not feeling it. She's got so much potential that I think she has to make the team, but I'm really worried that in the spotlight of the Olympics she will crash and burn. And folks have been writing off Liukin since she announced her return. She's done so much with so little training time that i wouldn't count her out yet.
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Liukin can't afford any more mistakes if she wants to have any hope of making the team. A solid beam routine won't cut it -- lots of people have a good beam. They need her on bars, otherwise there's no point in taking her. And after that total choke on her bar routine on Day 1 everyone is going to be wondering if it is just too much too soon for her. Even if she hits, I think it will be hard for her to redeem herself at this point.

I think Weiber and Raisman are pretty much a lock, and Douglas is pretty close to being one if she keeps doing what she's been doing. I'd love to see Kyla Ross and Sarah Finnegan round out the group, but I know Finnegan is a long shot (her floor and beam are just too beautiful to go to waste though -- if she doesn't make it this year I really hope she sticks around for the next cycle!). I think that if I were making the team I would probably go with strong solid all-arounders, rather than trying to squeeze specialists in and potentially leaving gaps elsewhere. I think in reality Maroney will probably make the team because I just can't see leaving someone who can score 16+ on any event behind. Who knows though, there's still the finals and the trials left so a lot could happen!
Yup, I personally think Liukin had to be rock solid on beam AND bars in Visas and Trails to make the team.
But we'll see. We still have another day of Visas and Trails to see where things go. There are sooo many different possibilities. But I'd have to agree Weiber and Raisman are pretty much locks as of now.
This was my blog post after night 1 of visas about the olympic team

Jordyn Wieber: While she wasn’t as strong as I had hoped for, Her floor was awesome her vault was pretty good as well, bars were so so and beam was just a little too wobbly. Having said all that, I don’t think that there is any scenario where she will not make the olympic team.
McKayla Maroney: Her vault is just too good for her to not make it to London, she is capable of scoring >16 it would be crazy not to include her in the team and she was a full 0.35 in front of second place. Even though her other events are not as strong or consistent she seems to be working on this immensely and is definitely improving. I am sure we will also see her in London
Aly Raisman: Very consistent and guaranteed to hit routines which is what Marta likes. She fights for every apparatus and her tumbling is awesome. I definitely see her in London as the opening competitor for the USA if nothing else
Gabby Douglas: I think she is also guarunteed a spot so long as she continues to rocket. Her bars alone will probably get her on the team as America is definitely lacking bars. She is almost a lock in.
Kyla Ross: Her bars are strong which is what we need, her floor and vault are weaker but I feel that as a country the USA has plenty of vault and floor scores that will be good enough to place them in good competition.
So that is my Olympic team, as for
Nastia: I just think she left her run too late but if she brings everything to Olympic trials we might see Kyla replaced with Nastia but i highly doubt that
Alicia: I just don’t see room for a vault and floor specialist which is so sad because i love ASac!
So for the USA
Floor: Wieber, Raisman, Douglas
Beam: Wieber, Raisman, Ross
Bars: Ross, Douglas and…..Wieber maybe? I don’t know
Vault: Maroney, Douglas, Wieber
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